Job Description

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer with the ability to design attractive, guiding and responsive user interfaces to manage our web product,

The candidate must be graduated in Computer Science, Information Technologies or any related design or engineering field. Also, must have relevant experience in web design (HTML5, CSS) for transactional web applications. Knowledge in web development (PHP, Javascript), databases (MySQL), and mapping (CartoDB, OSM) is a plus.

The position is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and requires fluency in English.



  1. Collect design, functionality and data input requirements
  2. Design User Interface mockups and prototype User Experience wireframes
  3. Develop desktop and mobile responsive web views in HTML5, CSS, Javascript.
  4. Perform beta-testing, ensure that UI/UX complies with usability, consistency
  5. Analysis and iteration of the product, improve design and ease of use.

Coordinate with Web Development Team

  1. Develop efficient, well-structured functions connecting interface, data and core.
  2. Extend the functionality of the website, optimize frontend and add new features
  3. Perform beta-testing, ensure that backend functions produce the expected result on the user interface


  1. Report to CEO
  2. Coordinate with CTO


  1. Work in an international and dynamic environment.
  2. Improve knowledge in the travel and transportation industry.
  3. Get involved with international operation and business practices.


  1. Education: Degree in Computer Science, IT or any related design or engineering field
  2. Professional experience: at least 2 years in Product Development & Design
  3. Language proficiency: Fluent in English
  4. Relevant knowledge of frontend technologies: HTML5, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Ajax), Bootstrap
  5. Relevant knowledge of backend technologies is a plus: PHP, MVC frameworks (CodeIgniter)
  6. Relevant knowledge in databases is a plus: MySQL (Phpmyadmin)
  7. Experience with mapping technologies is a plus Carto, CartoDB, OpenStreetMap (OSM)

How To Apply

  1. Send email to
  2. Enclose your CV with references to your past works in UI/UX Development and Design
  3. Enclose a cover letter explaining why you want to work with us and how do you think you can contribute to improve our web product


Baolau Pte. Ltd, 201434204K, Singapore
Baolau Co. Ltd, 0313838015, Vietnam
Baolau Pte. Ltd, 0100561101255, Thailand

‎(+84) 28 777 222 77
‎(+66) 662 026 1730

Monday to Sunday, 08:00-22:00 (ICT)