Baolau is the leading travel search engine in Asia.

Our mission is to interconnect cities, compare travel routes and facilitate ticket booking for any mean of transportation: air, rail, road and waterways.

For this purpose, we cooperate with transport providers to aggregate thousands of routes, list schedules and prices, and connect with the reservation systems.

We make travel easy by integrating all the transportation in one place.

How it works?

Users can search in our website how to travel between two cities and find all the flights, trains, buses and ferry services available. We filter and compare the results, so users can select the most convenient option according to their needs.

We accept multiple payment methods in association with Stripe, Rapyd and other payment gateways.

  •     International credit or debit cards
  •     E-wallets
  •     Bank transfer for selected currencies

Ticket booking is processed easily in minutes from any laptop or mobile phone.

Once the reservation is confirmed, customers receive the itinerary and the e-tickets by email.

The electronic tickets are valid for boarding or can be used to collect the boarding pass at the airport, station or port of departure, depending on the requirements of the transport service.

Passengers can print a copy of the e-ticket in advance or carry it in their mobile phones.

Ready to book on-the-go and travel without a hassle.

Is it trusted?

We earned mentions and recommendations in the best independent travel guides in Southeast Asia published by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, DK Eyewitness, DuMont Reise-Handbuch, ...

  •   -  "Easy to use"
  •   -  "Efficient website"
  •   -  "Schedules, fares, information and advance bookings are available at"


Travel search applied to transportation

Our unique transport search algorithm can calculate routes from A to B aggregating hundreds of results from flight, train, bus and ferry providers.

Thanks to our technology, travellers can find the cheapest or fastest route as well as non-direct routes combining different means of transportation with the optimal transit.

We assist with travel planning by interconnecting the major cities, towns and points of interest. Our coverage includes more than 10 countries and expanding.

  •     East Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan and more.
  •     Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and more.


We integrate international and domestic flights, trains, buses and ferries.

  •     Over 100 airlines and 400 airports
  •     Over 10 railway operators and 800 train stations
  •     Over 150 bus companies and 600 bus stations
  •     Over 20 ferry companies and 50 ports



Board and Team organization

Co-Founders - Board of Directors

Alberto Moreno


Miguel García


Management team

Julie Amerigo

Head of Business Development

Maxence Decamp

Head of Technical Operations

Individual Shareholders - Board of Advisors

Enrique Perez

Grupo Antolin Shanghai Autoparts

Daniel Lobera


Alessandro Macis


Marcelo García

Maecenas, Fintech Entrepreneur

Juan Fernández-Cuervo

Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Vietnam, Asian Development Bank

Fernando Picazo

Yoitabi Travel, Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan

David Rodriguez

Yoitabi Travel

Pol Comaposada

Mundo Nomada Travel

Corporate Shareholders

DesignOne Japan

Internet Media company (TYO:6048)

Yoitabi Travel

Travel Agency specialized in Japan

Mundo Nomada Travel

Travel Agency specialized in Thailand

Our team operates from our offices in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Kobe.

  •     Baolau Pte. Ltd.  
  •     Baolau Co. Ltd. (Công Ty TNHH Baolau)  
  •     Baolau Thai Co. Ltd. (บริษัท เบาเลา ไทย จำกัด)  
  •     Boeki Up Co. Ltd. (株式会社 Boeki Up)  

Our international team comprises members from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, France, Italy and Japan.

We love travelling and we are passionate about developing a platform that can help people travel in Asia.


A fast-growing company


We validated our business model in 2015. Since then our performance has been positive.

Between 2016 and 2019 we pursued a business strategy based on internationalization, increasing our presence in multiple markets and achieving fast growth for four consecutive years.

  •     Net Revenue exceeded 700,000 USD in 2019
  •     Gross Revenue exceeded 5,000,000 USD in 2019

Due to the effect of the pandemic in the travel industry our revenue decreased in 2020 and 2021. We expect growth to return when international travel restarts in the Asian markets.

Capitalization Table

The capitalization table includes all the company shareholders, Co-Founders and Employees as well as Individual Investors and Corporate Investors.

  •     Number of Shares: 405,000 (Ordinary) + 63,687 (Preference)
  •     Paid-up Capital: equivalent to 550,000 USD*
  •     Post-money Valuation in the last investment round: equivalent to 2,500,000 USD*

*Original figures in SGD. Shares issued under Singapore Company Law.


Anticipate the market trend

Tourism Market Trend

Asia experienced a tourism boom in recent years. According to UNWTO, the market welcomed 362 million international arrivals in 2019, representing 25% of the world's total. The share followed an upward trend from 16% in 2000 and 21% in 2010.

Before the pandemic Southeast Asia received a surge of international visitors, with an annual growth of 8% in 2019. Destinations like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia achieved record numbers thanks to tourism-oriented visa policies and enhancement of air connectivity. In contrast, East Asia maintained a moderate growth, 1% in 2019, led by Japan.

Being the first region affected by the Covid-19, countries in Asia imposed border restrictions and temporarily suspended international travel. While this caused a decline in the number of visitors and impacted the tourism, the quick action contributed to effectively contain the spread. With the epidemic under control and mass vaccination in progress, measures to support the recovery of tourism in Asia are already in place and many destinations look forward to reopening to vaccinated travellers in the second half of 2021.

International tourist arrivals in Asia

Invest now

Baolau is opening an investment round to continue with the process of internationalization and expansion in Asia.

We invite investors to participate in this one-time opportunity and help us take Baolau to the next level.

  • Individual Investors
  • Corporate Investors
  • Venture Capital

If you are interested in taking part in the next round, please contact by email to [email protected]

Applications open until 31 December 2021.