Bus is the most popular mean of transportation in Laos and the most convenient way to reach the major tourist destinations.

We support advance ticket booking for more than 25 bus stations and bus stops across Laos, connecting Vientiane and Luang Prabang with the major tourist destinations in the country: Muang Xay, Muang Khua, Luang Namtha and Huay Xai in the North, Vang Vieng, Phonsavan, Thakhek and Savannakhet in the Central region, Pakse, Don Det and Don Khon in the South.

We also list international bus routes connecting Laos with Cambodia and Thailand.

Bus companies in Laos

Road transportation in Laos is carried out by three types of vehicles: seated buses, sleeper buses and minivans. Bus companies operate modern fleets of vehicles equipped with air-conditioning, seats or berths, and on-board amenities. Depending on the travel distance and the level of comfort your prefer, you can choose among bus, minibus or minivan available for your route.

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Sleeper buses

Sleeper buses generally cover long distances overnight and connect two or more cities in different provinces. Journeys can take up to 6 hours, so buses are prepared for passengers to sleep during most part of the journey.

The most common models of sleeper buses in Laos are double-deck coaches equipped with shared berths and capacity for 30 to 40 passengers.

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Most sleeper buses have air-conditioning and the staff on-board provides water and sometimes blankets. Some modern buses are equipped with Wi-Fi internet.

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Getting around Laos by bus

Laos has 21,716 km of highway, of which 9,673 km are paved and 12,043 km are unpaved.

The internal highway network comprises one major road: Route 13, which crosses the country from North to South linking Boten in the border with China with Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng Vientiane, then continues along the Mekong River through Thakhek, Savannakhet and Pakse down to the border with Cambodia. A secondary highway, Route 3, interconnects the northwest linking Luang Namtha in the border with China to Huay Xai in the border with Thailand.

The first expressway in Laos, the Vientiane–Vang Vieng Expressway, was completed in 2020.

Three major roads connect Laos with Vietnam: Route 2E linking Muang Xay with Dien Bien province of Vietnam, Route 7 linking Luang Prabang and Phonsavan with Nghe An province of Vietnam, and Route 8 linking Vieng Kham with Ha Tinh province of Vietnam. One major road connects Laos with Cambodia: Route 14 linking Pakse and Champasak with Stung Treng province of Cambodia.

Northern Laos

Northern Laos comprises Luang Prabang and the provinces of Phongsali, Oudomxay, Luang Namtha, Bokeo and Sainyabuli.

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a charming city declared UNESCO World Heritage Site praised for its numerous temples, royal palaces, French colonial architecture and beautiful riverside scenery by the Mekong. The former capital is also the main transportation hub in Northern Laos, providing easy access to renowned natural attractions like the impressive Kuang Si Waterfalls and the beautiful rustic town of Nong Khiaw on the bank of the Ou River.

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Bus routes to Luang Prabang

Northern Mountains

Phongsali, Oudomxay, Luang Namtha and Bokeo are four mountainous provinces in Northern Laos, bordering Vietnam, China, Myanmar and Thailand. This region is characterized by a diverse landscape of elevated peaks, winding rivers, lush valleys and traditional villages inhabited by ethnic hilltribes.

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Bus routes to Muang Xay

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Bus routes to Muang Khua

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Bus routes to Luang Namtha

Central Laos

Central Laos comprises Vientiane and the provinces of Houaphanh, Xiangkhouang, Xaisomboun, Bolikhamsai and Khammouane.

Central Region

Around Vientiane travellers can visit the picturesque town of Vang Vieng surrounded by beautiful karst landscape and perfect for the practice of outdoor activities; the extraordinary prehistoric site known as the Plain of Jars in Phonsavan, Xiangkhoang Plateau, and Phou Hin Boun National Park in Khammouane province which contains one of the longest river cave systems in the world navigable with long boat, Kong Lor.

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Bus routes to Vang Vieng

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Bus routes to Phonsavan

South Central Region

Thakhek and Savannakhet are two frontier cities situated alongside the Mekong River in the border with Thailand often used as a stopover by travellers heading to Southern Laos.

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Bus routes to Thakhek

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Bus routes to Savannakhet

Southern Laos

Southern Laos comprises the provinces of Salavan, Sekong, Attapeu and Champasak.


Pakse is the capital of Champasak province and the gateway to the Bolaven Plateau, an elevated range crossed by rivers and scenic waterfalls. Si Phan Don, meaning 4000 islands, is a riverine archipelago in the Mekong River. The main islands Don Det and Don Khon have become trendy in recent years as tourists come here to experience the relaxing way of life of the Mekong.

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Bus routes to Pakse

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Bus routes to Don Det

International bus routes to Laos

Laos is connected with direct international bus services to Siem Reap in Cambodia and Bangkok in Thailand.


Laos is connected by road with Cambodia through one main border checkpoint: Veun Kham–Dom Kralor in Champasak province.

Travellers bound to Laos are required visa exemption or else stamped visa or apply for e-visa or visa on-arrival.


Laos is connected by road with Thailand through eight border checkpoints: Chong Mek–Vang Tao in Champasak province, Mukdahan–Savannakhet in Savannakhet province, Nakhon Phanom–Thakhek in Khammouane province, Bueng Kan–Pakxan in Bolikhamsai province, Nong Khai–Thanaleng in Vientiane, Tha Li–Nam Hueng and Huay Kon–Muang Ngeun in Sainyabuli province, and Chiang Khong–Huay Xai in Bokeo province.

Travellers bound to Laos are required visa exemption or else stamped visa or apply for e-visa or visa on-arrival.

International bus routes from Thailand

How to book your bus tickets in Laos

Booking your bus tickets in Laos is very quick and simple. Search for bus routes between any two cities for your travel dates.

Select your route

After search, we will display the results for your itinerary.

Find the services operated by different bus and minivan companies and select the most convenient option.

Click to expand the details of the route, you will find the available fares. The bus companies in Laos offer various types of fares, depending if the service consists of a seating bus, a sleeper bus or a minivan.

How to book your bus tickets in Laos

Fill in the passenger and contact details

Next, provide the passenger(s) information and select your seats.

Don't forget to provide the contact details of the person responsible for booking. We will send the ticket confirmation by email.

How to book your bus tickets in Laos

Complete your payment

Select your payment method. We accept international credit or debit cards.

Check your itinerary and price breakdown. Confirm that the booking information is correct. Before you proceed to payment, you must read and accept the terms and conditions of booking.

How to book your bus tickets in Laos

Receive your tickets by email

Once your payment is complete, your reservation will be processed.

In the following 24 hours you will receive the itinerary and booking confirmation by email with the electronic ticket in PDF format.

How to book your bus tickets in Laos

You can also access to Manage your booking via web and download the electronic ticket to your device.

How to book your bus tickets in Laos

How to use the bus e-ticket?

The electronic ticket can be used to board the bus or collect the bus ticket at the authorized ticket office before boarding.

Passengers must follow the instructions contained in the e-ticket and print a physical copy in advance or carry a digital copy in the mobile phone to collect the ticket at the station or present the e-ticket at the time of boarding.


Receive your electronic ticket by email in PDF format, ready to print or carry in your mobile phone.


Arrive at the bus station 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If required, present your electronic ticket at the authorized ticket office and collect your bus ticket.


Locate the bus departure point and present your ticket to the driver before boarding. Arrive on time, make sure you don’t miss your bus.

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