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Cat Ba Island is a Vietnamese ferry company connecting Hai Phong with Cat Ba island.

Passenger class

Change policy

The following change terms and conditions apply to our ferry fares:

Cat Ba Island Change time/date
Fare Seat Not permitted

In accordance with the policy of Cat Ba Island, once the booking has been confirmed changes are not allowed.

To modify the number of passengers, full passenger details, itinerary, fare or travel date, you need to cancel the existing booking and issue a new one.

Cancellation policy

The following cancellation terms and conditions apply to our ferry fares:

Cat Ba Island Cancellation before departure
Fare Seat Permitted with fees

If you wish to cancel your booking with Cat Ba Island, kindly manage your booking and request a cancellation to proceed with the refund. This option is available until 2 days before departure. Cancellation after that time or after departure is not permitted. Service fees will not be refunded. Cancellation fees will apply.

- 25,000 VND per ticket if the ticket has been issued
- 50% per ticket + 25,000 VND per ticket if 2 to 8 days to departure
- No ticket refund if less than 2 day to departure or departure on public holiday


Baolau Pte. Ltd, 201434204K, Singapore
Baolau Co. Ltd, 0313838015, Vietnam
Baolau Pte. Ltd, 0100561101255, Thailand
Boeki Up, Japan

‎(+84) 28 777 222 77
‎(+66) 2026 1730
Monday to Sunday, 08:00-22:00 (ICT)