Osaka Hiroshima
We, 06/12
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5 days
We, 06/12

Mo, 11/12

¥ 17,000


7 days
We, 06/12

We, 13/12

¥ 23,000

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How to get from Osaka to Hiroshima

The easiest way to travel from Osaka to Hiroshima is by train.

How far is Osaka from Hiroshima?

The travel distance between Osaka and Hiroshima is 330 km. There is no direct flight from Osaka to Hiroshima, the only option to travel is by train.

How long does it take to get from Osaka to Hiroshima?

It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to 3 hours to get from Osaka to Hiroshima by train.

What types of trains operate the route Osaka to Hiroshima?

There is one railway company operating trains on the route Osaka to Hiroshima.

JR: Japan Railways operates the Sanyo Shinkansen high-speed train between Osaka and Fukuoka stopping in Hiroshima.

There are three types of services on the Sanyo Shinkansen: Nozomi and Mizuho are the fast services stopping only at key stations, Hikari and Sakura are the semi-fast services stopping at the major stations and Kodama is the local service stopping at all stations.

Shinkansen trains carry Green Cars with business class seats and Ordinary Cars with standard class seats distributed in Reserved and Non-reserved. In total, the Shinkansen trains offer three passengers classes: Reserved Seat (Green Car), Reserved Seat (Ordinary Car) and Non-reserved Seat.

Travellers with Reserved Seat tickets are required to take their numbered seat in the Green Cars or the Ordinary Cars. Travellers with Non-reserved Seat tickets are allowed to take any seat available only in the Ordinary Cars designated as Non-reserved.

For more information about travelling by train, please read our Train Guide in Japan.

Where does the train from Osaka to Hiroshima depart?

Trains on the Sanyo Shinkansen line depart from Shin-Osaka Station located in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

Passengers are requested to arrive at the station 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time to complete the boarding procedures or risk missing the train.

Where does the train from Osaka to Hiroshima arrive?

Trains on the Sanyo Shinkansen line arrive at Hiroshima Station located in Minami-ku, Hiroshima.

Where to travel next from Hiroshima?

From Hiroshima, you can go by train to Fukuoka, Okayama, Himeji, Kobe and Osaka on the Sanyo Shinkansen, or fly to Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo or Naha in Okinawa.